Dog training the stupid dog

Just about now, most likely the thought has crossed your mind, ” What the hell was I thinking about, getting a puppy”. This friggin animal, doesn’t listen for beans. I did all the dam breed research, responsive, intelligent, loving, brave, companionable, lively, alert, friendly, affectionate, bold, docile, loyal, good natured, obedient, determined. About the only thing this stupid dog is determined to do, is put me in the crazy house.

If you have one of these, “Stupid Dogs” I would suggest that you start thinking in more simple terms, when trying to communicate with or solve some of your dog problems. We for some reason like to over think everything, by over thinking the simplest of matters, we often exasperate the problem. You know, make it like a million times worse.

Your dogs mind, is like a one year old child’s mind that never developed, we commonly call that in today’s politically correct society as, “Mentally Challenged or Handicapped”. With a human that has learning disabilities, how well we can communicate with them depends on two things. ( 1 ) The severity of the handicap. And ( 2 ) Our ability to understand and teach individuals with vastly different, “Intelligent Reasoning” capabilities as our own.

To take it a step further on our dogs mental capacity, or lack of. Stop what your doing right now, and take a look around your room. What do you notice ? If you are not over thinking what I am asking you to do, you will have noticed all the things you have in your home or office. Everything you see and everything you have or ever will have, has been conceived, invented and designed by the human mind. In comparison what has your dog made, besides that big pile of shit in the corner over there.

Our dog can only think like a dog.

The more intelligent of us out there, will bear this in mind when dealing with our dogs issues. For all others that continually think that your dog can understand you past their intelligent level. Your really not helping your dog or yourself, when the inevitable behavior issues arise.

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Duh, om not toopit

Duh, om not toopit


9 Responses

  1. Very funny article and gets the point across about the intelligence level of dogs in comparison with a 1 year old…I like it.


  2. Dude….you need my dog’s picture up there…..I think she was a crack puppy or something….:)

  3. Did you just call me Dude ? Is a picture of your dog on your site, I’ll copy and paste it.

  4. Funny. I just spent a half-hour of frustration with my wife’s bonehead mutt. For some reason, she thinks dogs are “protection” from invisible forces, vampires and such. When I was a kid, I spent two years as a meter reader in Dallas, unless the dog is an attack trained doberman, protection it ain’t. Dogs are cowards, like coyotes and hyenas. If they can’t get a clear shot at your back, they’ll stand off until they can. I wouldn’t trust a dog to protect me from my cat. Hell, our cat could kick our dog’s butt.

    We have had a half-dozen dogs, mostly useless mutts that crap in my yard and consume resources. We’ve had two good, semi-intelligent dogs. I think the key to the “intelligent dogs” was that we were younger, more patient, and our youngest daughter liked to run with the dogs. I’m 60, don’t particularly like dogs, have no patience with dumb people or dumb animals, and can’t think of a single good reason to put up with the crap and wasted resources. My wife, however . . .


  6. I wish there was more, but the info there was entertaining. ::)

  7. Great start, but you didn’t say anything as most everyone else on the internet who think they know how to fix all the untrainable and health problems of pets, and really don’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Why I still go to the internet for help on professional questions is something I’m going to have to change because it’s getting me nowhere. If you had a solution to your great start that would improve your article. As for me, back to square one!!!

  8. F.U.N.N.Y but i think my dog will be a great dog to put up i can him sit i just can’t make him stand. help!!!!!!

  9. 😦 i thought there would be something that would actually help me take action…

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